Terroir IV – Inspiration & Innovation

March 2nd, 2010

“Every morning one must start from scratch, with nothing on the stoves. That is cuisine.”
Fernand Point (1897-1955)

In order to be creative one needs to be inspired. Where do we find that spark, something that challenges the mind, keeps us interested and allows us to be innovative? Terroir IV is all about inspiration and innovation. Stepping beyond the boundaries and pushing limitations. Thinking creatively in order to captivate our own interests and amaze others. As hospitality professionals we want to impress, entertain and delight our guests. Where do we find the source of our own inspiration so that we can continually evolve?

Keynote Speaker: David Kinch, Manresa Restaurant, Los Gatos, California

Design Firm IIXIV
Paul Grieco , Terroir, Hearth, Insiem, New York City
Norman Hardie, Celebrated Wine Maker, Norm Hardie Wines
Dick Snyder, City Bites Magazine
Alan Richman, American Journalist and Food Writer
Corby Kummer, The Atlantic
Adam Sachs, Food Writer, GQ Magazine & Travel & Leisure
Jennifer Agg, The Black Hoof and Dave Mitton – Harbord Room
Michelle Caine, Human Resources Manager, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants
Bill Simpson, General Manager
Lora Kirk, Head Chef, Ruby Watchco