Terroir V

March 1st, 2011

Tradition & Technique

 “The path to greatness is along with others”-Baltasar Gracian


We believe the dining experience is a feast for the senses. The ambience of the dining room and the graceful, effortless choreography of the hosts and the servers reflect this harmony. We encourage our chefs to showcase their brilliance, originality and technique so that their plates are seen as works of art. Our plates reflect and respect the balance of tradition and innovation while displaying the spirit of our chefs and artisans.


Terroir values the unique contributions of all who are part of the alchemy that, through professional skills and artistic merit, transform the earth’s bounty into a vision. The fields and farms are our muse, the crafts persons are our artists and the dining experience is our chef-d’oeuvre.


We value the traditions and technique of our Industry as our guiding principles; we esteem the final product-the plate in front of you- as art, and in doing so, we honour the contributions of all. And then we drink!



Keynote: The Pleasure of Dining  - A Discussion with Chef Fergus Henderson

The Art of Hospitality; Chris McDonald – Cava Restaurant, Toronto & Craig Flynn – Chives Café, Halifax

The Importance Of Terroir, a philosophical approach to understanding a sense of place in viticulture; Randall Grahm

The Origins of Taste; Joshna Maharaj, Bettina Schorman & David Kinch

The Social Network; using your social network to move forward your brand; Presenter: Rebecca LeHeup, Executive Director, Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance & Steve Dolinsky, Food Journalist and Broadcaster, Chicago.

Riesling Kamp: A Slow Train Coming;  A facilitated tasting with Charles Baker – Stratus, Charles Baker Riesling, Ontario, John Szabo Master Sommelier, Tom Penachetti – Cave Spring Cellars, Ontario, & Randall Grahm – Bonny Doon, California.

The World of Steak: A Structured beef tasting; Led by Mark Schatzker, author of “Steak: One Man’s Search for the World’s Tastiest Piece of Beef.


Brown Bag & Bubbles – Secret Lunch

Participants; Donna Dooher – Proprietor & Executive Chef, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Jamie Kennedy – Executive Chef, JK Kitchen & Gilead Café, Marco Tucci – Executive Chef, Hart House, University of Toronto, Alex Johnston, Proprietor & Executive Chef Provenance Cuisine, Scott Vivian, Proprietor & Executive Chef Beast Restaurant, Karen Viva Haynes, Proprietor & Executive Chef Viva Tastings