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2019 speakerS




Adrian Klonowski and Matylda Grzelak are at the same time contradicting and complementing each other as a duo both in everyday life and at work as chef and restaurant manager/concept curator.

They are known for their determined, scrupulous and 0-1 nature approaches to fulfilling their ideas. At the age of 23 both took over in running Metamorfoza restaurant, which they focused in an orthodox manner—solely on Polish produce, bringing localism to a different level. Over four years they turned it into one of Poland’s most renowned top fine dining restaurants and through their rather unconventional Commis Made events, it became also recognized abroad.

Despite being at the top of their game, they have realized that as Millenials in a post socialist country they have been unwarily appropriating western models and ideals, missing their own unique lens at perceiving their own food culture. Both decided they needed to stop all they were doing and start all over. Following their speech on Food On The Edge 2017, this past February they have closed the restaurant doors to travel visiting and working at different restaurants, producers and places that inspire them and will help them understand their own culture better.

In the beginning of 2019 they will take over two new projects in southernmost Poland, which will lead to the opening of their new restaurant in 2020; in one of the most challenging and intriguing Polish areas.