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FOUNDER, Société-Orignal & École-Buissonnière

Alexander is a self-taught food product designer and innovator. He currently leads de research and food development program at École-Buissonnière (Playing-hooky), a strategic food-marketing firm based in Québec.  

Prior in his career, he co-founded Société-Orignal in 2011, an innovative venture that developed and showcased a portfolio of rare and impromptu products, developed along with Québec farming families and chefs from Montréal, Toronto and New York. 

He has more than 15 years of experience as a project manager in the food industry working on innovative projects, and is one of the rare people to have a specialised degree in Quebec’s culinary heritage history. 

His experience and unique approach pushes food companies to leave the beaten path to reclaim a food culture that respects and acknowledges it’s diversity, but that also stands up for it with stubbornness, creativity and diligence.