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Alison Ramage is a food entertainer, focusing on changing the expectations of what food can be at a special event as the chef owner of Design to Dine, with her life partner of 9 years Logan Tacoma.
Bridging the gap between the personal chef and the caterer, Alison draws inspiration from her clients’ lifestyles, passions and experiences and tailors custom menus and service for their events. Hosting and designing events for the likes of Jim Treliving – Dragon’s Den, Aston Martin, Bentley and the Vancouver Canucks.

Her background and experience in professional food and prop styling gave her the ability to focus on design details through menu and guest experience.
Alison aspires to connect and inspire people with likeminded ambitions through food to drive world-class change within Vancouver.

Alison has always flourished in unfamiliar situations sparking conversations and seeking opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions broadening her perspectives in food and hospitality beyond her backyard.