Bruce Wallner

Bruce Wallner MS’s fascination with wine started in the unexpected setting of southern Texas in the early 90s.

After years of much needed focus and study, he became the first Chef Sommelier of Palazzo Versace, where he designed and executed a beverage training program that pushed the sommelier profession to the forefront of hospitality in Australia.
After a few months ‘tasting wine’ in Spain, Bruce moved to the UK to spend five years serving as Chef Sommelier for the legendary Hotel du Vin – the first Sommelier from outside of France to do so. He was certified as Master Sommelier in London, November 2009. 

In 2012, competing against the top wine professionals in the province, Bruce Wallner was named as Ontario’s Best Sommelier.
He was then honoured with the role of official trainer for Team Canada as we competed in Brazil and Japan. The campaign was a great success, established the Canadian wine service industry as one of the very best and allowed us to connect intimately with the international wine community.  

Bruce’s time is now carefully shared between his family and his wine school, the SOMMELIER FACTORY.

It is at the Sommelier Factory that the dream of helping to develop the professional standards of Canadian Sommeliers and bringing sweet wine love to all consumers is fully realized. 

He likes to drink Riesling, Pinot Noir, Syrah and anything else that touches the soul.