As a young breeder, with a PHD in plant breeding, and a keen curiosity, Dr. Lamborn crossed a rogue garden pea with a snow pea.  By chance, he observed an off type pea "rogue" which had thicker pod wall flesh than normal.  Calvin’s first thought was that this thicker pod flesh would improve the quality of the snow pea pods.  The unexpected outcome was a new class of edible podded pea, which was named the Snap Pea. 

Since then, Calvin's Peas have earned prestigious honors and awards in the trade as well as acclaim from top chefs across the country.  At 82 years of age, Calvin continues to breed new peas, and has exceeded his expectations of what was possible with peas from when he first began.
We now have a new class of leafy greens called “snap-greens”, snap peas which are purple, maroon, yellow and variegated red/ yellow, snow peas that have the same dark shiny pods as his snaps. He has replaced his famous varieties of green pods with ones that are sweeter, plumper and with more plant vigor than ever expected. 
Calvin's techniques are traditional (non-GMO) plant breeding. Seeds like his are the sparks that have ignited the farmers market and farm- to- table restaurant movements. In short, Dr. Calvin Lamborn is known as the father of the Snap pea and doesn’t see an end in sight with what he can continue to cross and develop.