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Chief Executive Officer of Carino Processing Ltd.
Chair of the Fur Institute of Canada + SEAL HUNTER

Dion was born and raised in Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Canada.  During his summer days, a teenager, he was seasonally employment in the NL inshore fishery for capelin and codfish until the 1992 cod moratorium.  He attended university and holds an undergraduate degree in Forestry and Environmental Management, from the University of New Brunswick.  Dion worked for two years in the forest sector before transitioning in 2002 to a management role in the fishing industry, working for a seal processing establishment.
Formerly in his role as President of NuTan Furs Inc. he participated in numerous Canadian Delegations to the European Union, leading up to and following the implementation of EU ban on Marketing Seal Products in 2010.  He was part of an advisory group to the Canadian Legal Counsel, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, assisting in preparation of Canada’s arguments at the World Trade Organization hearings and subsequent appeal processes.  Dion was an influential leader in the rewriting of the Canadian Marine Mammal Regulations for Humane Harvesting of Seals and a driving force in the formulation and delivery of the Quality Health and Handling Training offered today.   

Dion has participated in the annual seal hunt as a trained Apprentice Sealer and has served on the Board of Directors of the Fur Institute of Canada (FIC) since 2007.  He is currently employed as Chief Executive Officer of Carino Processing Ltd. www.carino.ca he volunteers as Chair of the Fur Institute of Canada www.fur.ca and most recently was appointed to the Board of the International Fur Federation, Americas Region www.wearefur.com.