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 Photo credits: Coconut

Photo credits: Coconut




Currently, she runs Restaurant Arzak in tandem with her father. She continues to expand her professional knowledge with short stints at other restaurants.

A good part of the international prestige of the Restaurant is due to the activity that takes place in the investigation's cuisine. Everyday, they experiment and investigate with the flavours, textures and elaboration's processes. From there comes up the 'score' that, once on the menu, our cooks will perform to the palates' delight.

The menu of a 'great' restaurant should be evolving day in day out, changing according to the raw ingredients of each season and adding new concepts. In the investigation's cuisine, the creativity, skill and inspiration roam free. Juan Mari and Elena Arzak lead a group of alchemists that try each day to decipher the secrets of the culinary art. This team is, to a large extent, responsible for Restaurant Arzak becoming a reference point for enthusiasts of fine cuisine. One of the big contributions of the laboratory is the struggle to find a perfect balance between avant-garde and the roots of tradition.

This important task is held in a quiet place equipped with the latest facilities. Besides the investigation's kitchen, there is a "Flavour Bank", that contains more than 1000 products and ingredients they use to their investigations and for new creations.


  • Chef de L’Avenir 2000, International Academy Of Gastronomy Mayo 2001
  • Honorary Member of the Tolosa Bean Brotherhood 2002
  • Honorary Member of the Basque Gastronomy Brotherhood 2003
  • Honorary Member of the Queimada Brotherhood of the Basque Country 2005
  • Illustrious cheese cutter at the XII presentation of Young Idiazabal Cheese in Ordizia 2006
  • II edition of the French Cheese Awards in 2007 Sopexa
  • Restaurant Award as an outstanding member of the Circle of Centennial Restaurants FEHR 2008
  • Award for Innovation in Gastronomy and Tourism from the Cándido Foundation 2008
  • International Eckart Witzigmann Award 2010
  • IX National Traditional Gastronomy Prize “Lola Torres” to Restaurante Arzak for its family tradition.
  • VIII Tuber Award for Innovation for cooking with truffles given at the Orisoain Valdorba Truffle Fair 2012
  • Honorary member of the Natural Cider of Guipuzcoa brotherhood. Tolare. Hernani 2010
  • National Gastronomy Award for Best Chef 2010 (awarded in Sept. 2011)
  • Kungsfenan Prize - The Swedish Seafood Award – Marine Gastronomy Catagory 2011
  • Honored Dame of the Order of the Divine Pig of Tafalla 2011
  • Named Best Female chef in the World Veuve Clicquot 2012
  • Award for innovation and advancement at the Daroca, Zaragoza VI  Gastronomic show of pasta and sweets May 2012
  • “Más Gastronomia” Award for  “Best news of the year” . San Sebastian 2012
  • Gastronomika Award at San Sebastian Gastronomika Congress 2012
  • Silver Kaiku award form the Shepherd’s association Artzai Gazta 2012
  • Onda Cero award  “The past, present and future of the best Gastronomy” 2012
  • Teledonosti Award:  Special award for the best images 2012 as “Best Chef of the year” 2012.
  • La Capilla Gastronomic prizes awarded by the Club Navarra Puerta de Europa in recognition of her work in advancing the culinary profession Pamplona 2013
  • Club de Gourmets Magazine Award 2013 (Extraordinary recognition of significant achievement) 
  • Club de Gourmets Magazine Award 2013 (Most outstanding hospitality career record) 
  • Metropoli Lifetime Achievement Award Spain 2013
  • “Más gastronomia” award for the “Best restaurant of the year” 2014.
  • Culinary Institute of America- Augie Leadership Awards 2015
  • Saveur´s 2015 Good Taste Awards “Best modern restaurant”
  • Best restaurant Award (together with Coque and Dstage) Reader's Choice Award Gourmets 2016.
  • VIII Gastronomic Award “El Hortelano”, Tudela, 2016.
  • Ambassadrice du Chocolat de l´Academie du Chocolat de Bayonne 2016
  • Protagonistas Gipuzkoa 2016 (Gastonomic category)
  • Outstanding Career in National Cuisine Award at the JRE Women in Gastronomy gala (2017)