I was born in Perth in 1993, and spent the next 18 years here.  My elementary school had about two hundred kids in it, and if I hadn’t moved me to a french immersion program, I would've graduated with 11 kids.  High school for me was fairly normal for kids in Lanark County, but I also think normal for Lanark County set me on this trajectory.  Summers were spent on the lake, Fall was the rink, Winter brought in ski hills, and Springs were spent in the sugar shack.  As high school went on, one thing continued to take up more of my time - drinking with my buddies.  I loved beer, or so I thought, I actually loved drinking mass produced lagers.  Once I graduated high school, I decided to take my talents to Bishop’s University (something about small towns and small classes).  After four years, I graduated with a biochemistry degree, but I couldn’t see myself working for a massive pharmaceutical company… but I still loved beer.  Lucky for me, there was a Master’s program opening up at Bishop’s in brewing science right as I was graduating.  To prepare myself for the new program, I spent the summer working at the local craft brewery (which is older than me), and a little distillery that just opened up.  After graduating I was ready to take over the craft beer world, at least until I got a call from my former boss and she had a position opening up.  I still love beer, and it took some convincing, but the world of spirits is a magical place and there’s no place I’d rather be!