Discover Small-Batch Craft Cider in Thornbury Village

Take a trip into the famous Blue Mountains along Georgian Bay in Ontario and you will come across a plethora of sweet apple offerings. While you're there, make sure you stay awhile in Thornbury, the heart of Ontario apply country. With a variety of knowledgeable, experienced apple growers, it's the idyllic place to build a hard cider house.

That's one of the reasons Thornbury Village Craft Cider House set up shop right smack-dab in the heart of the town. They've been producing award-winning, premium quality Ontario craft ciders in their century-old historic apple processing facility since 2007.


Thornbury Village Craft cider is carefully crafted in small batches using Ontario-sourced, fresh-pressed apples.

Thornbury is committed to using only the best production systems to make an authentic product that reflects the quality of the apples they source. The hope is that one day Thornbury Village will be associated with cider the way that Niagara is associated with Canadian wine.


Their flagship product, Thornbury Premium Apple Cider, is the #1 selling Ontario-made craft cider. This cider drinks like the classic English-style cider – light, dry & crisp. Best served chilled or over ice on a sun-soaked patio. BONUS: Thornbury Premium Cider is 100% gluten-free!

Beyond their flagship cider, they also offer other unique creations like the tart but refreshing cranberry apple cider and the a seasonal spiced autumn cider, both available in their tasting room. A visit to their brand new tasting room means getting to try their latest experimental varietals and learning more about the cider making process.  

Enjoy the celebrated Thornbury Village Craft Cider being poured at the 12th Annual Terroir Symposium.

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