#SeeTorontoNow as a Culinary Destination

Whether you’re a local in the 6ix, or a visitor to Ontario’s capital, we promise there are some don’t-miss culinary destinations to satisfy your food lover needs. 


Toronto offers endless opportunities to eat & drink and Tourism Toronto has gathered the best of our dynamic food scene for you in one place! Check out their Food & Drink Issue here.

As Torontonians, our favourites in this issue include:

MUST-TRY BRUNCH HOT SPOTS -- We LOVE brunch. Find the city's best hot spots for everything from bennies to fried chicken & grits.

EXPLORE BY NEIGHBOURHOOD -- If we had it our way, we'd eat our way around the city all day, every day. Discover hidden gems from the busy city centre to the culturally diverse east end.

SMALL PLATES FO' LIFE -- Sharing is caring. Explore the many restaurants serving up small portions for you and your dining partners 'til late night.

And don’t forget places like these that have made Toronto a culinary destination:

As this Food & Drink issue discovers, the culinary scene in Toronto isn’t just about what we can find in the downtown core. Just as we did for the Terroir 2018 World Food Court lunch, we put our appetites in Suresh Doss’s hands when we followed him to the fast-growing city in the Greater Toronto Area -- Brampton. 


Suresh leads some amazing food tours in the Toronto ‘burbs and this one didn’t disappoint. In a city filled with strip malls and industrial areas, we found delicious hidden gems of all cultures to enjoy. This day was a celebration of diversity and the incredible flavours that come with it. 


Highlights included:
-    “The best dosa in the city” at Annalakshmi
-    A variety of South American empanadas from a convenience store (La Favorita Latin Market) – get the housemade hot sauce!
-    Naan straight from the tandoor at Tandoori Tonite
-    Being schooled on how to eat doubles at Vishnu’s Doubles & Roti Shop

Ask around for more suggestions and see where the Toronto food scene takes you. Oh, the places you will go!