Try Vinea, the new 'Spirit of the Vine'

Have you heard? The folks at award-winning Reif Estate Winery have created a grape-based liqueur and it was finally released at Terroir 2018!

The juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, a touch of brandy and a secret blend of ingredients and Vinea was born! This unique liqueur is a taste of Niagara on the Lake with fruit-forward notes of candied cherry and red licorice and dominant raspberry, strawberry and red currant flavours.

This sweet ‘Spirit of the Vine’ is the perfect aperitif on its own but check out the variations below that were created for this year’s Terroir festivities. 

Photo credit: Jo Dickins

Photo credit: Jo Dickins

Vinea on the Rocks (this one’s pretty straight forward) at the Symposium

Photo credit: Jo Dickins

Photo credit: Jo Dickins

Vinea Spritz at the VIP Reception presented by Ocean Wise
Vinea on the rocks + Reif Estate Winery Sparkling Chardonnay (or your favourite bubbles!)

And finally, we love pairing our favourite local artisans to create delicious new ways of displaying our terroir:

The Cocktail Collab at The After Party
1 oz Vinea
1.5 oz Top Shelf Distillers Gin
0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
0.5 oz simple syrup
3-5 dashes Top Shelf Distillers lavender bitters
Garnish with grape, mint or sprig of lavender

Interested in trying this one-of-a-kind spirit? You can find it in store at Reif Estate Winery or order it online at