co-founder + GM, SKIFT INC.


Mr. Jason Clampet is Co-Founder and GM at Skift Inc. As a student, Mr. Clampet worked in the study abroad office before actually studying abroad in Bulgaria. After college he worked as an agent for Council Travel to supplement his meager income as a Philadelphia Weekly freelancer.

After a failed Berlitz gig in Bratislava, he returned to Philly and worked first at the Associated Press and then as a launch editor for a young website called Citysearch. He stuck with the local guide through acquisitions and layoffs until the latter got him and he headed to Ensenada, Mexico to write a book for the Rough Guide series. After a few years bouncing between Mexico, France, and Tokyo, he joined Frommers.com where he managed all the site’s original content, edited Arthur Frommer’s blog, helped build new products, and acted as a media spokesperson for the brand.

Jason likes editing a bit more than traveling but loves fish tacos from Baja California and Japanese curry in Tokyo more than both of those. Loves building products and telling stories that help people do their jobs a little bit better.