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Executive Chef, Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Justin Tse is a Canadian Chef who grew up in Kingston Ontario. Most of his childhood and adolescent years were spent learning and growing at his family's Chinese restaurants, run by his father and grandfather.

After graduating from both the Culinary Arts and a Management program at St. Lawrence College, he moved to Ottawa gaining work with some of the cities best Chefs. Proving rapidly to be a creative and skilled young chef himself, Justin has since garnered great recognition for his hard work. These accomplishments include a nomination for the Canadian Premieres Award for Creative Arts and being named a Canadian Semi Finalist in the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Competition.

Justin has spent the last five years directing and developing the culinary programs at high-class resorts in the some of the most remote, northerly parts of the Canadian Arctic. Since 2012, he has taken on the role of Executive Chef at both Arctic Watch and Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, which are located 800km north of the Arctic Circle on a remote unpopulated island. Between cooking, fishing, and keeping an eye out for polar bears, he is always looking for ways to combine new and old techniques with the raw Canadian Fauna. While he continues his Arctic Adventure for now, Justin plans on opening a restaurant of his own where he can share some of his Arctic inspired dishes.