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Owner, The Depanneur
Co-founder, Newcomer Kitchen


Len Senater is the founder of The Depanneur — "A Place Where Interesting Food Things Happen" — a unique venue dedicated to hosting pop-up food events. Established in 2011, The Dep is a showcase for the incredible diversity of culinary talent that Toronto has to offer, and has evolved into a vibrant urban food hub for hundreds of amateur and professional cooks and an enthusiastic community of thousands of food lovers.

In early 2016, Len, with the help of co-founders Cara Benjamin-Pace, Rahaf Alakbani and Esmaeel Aboufakher, extended an invitation to use The Dep's kitchen to newly-arrived Syrian refugee families to prepare and share some familiar food. From this small gesture of hospitality has emerged an exciting new initiative, Newcomer Kitchen, which supports a weekly pop-up food event where newcomer women prepare and sell traditional home cooking. Newcomer Kitchen has since been incorporated as a nonprofit organization with the goal of adapting this model to work with any newcomer community, in any kitchen willing to open its doors, in any city in the world.