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Lulu is the disruptive creative force at the heart of Real Food for Real Kids.  Her defiant answer to industrial food now nourishes over 15,000 kids (and growing!) in childcare centres, elementary schools and camps daily.  

Born and raised in Paris, a lifelong passion for food, health, fitness and authentic cuisine made Lulu the ideal mom to start a good food fight. With the blessing of visionary YMCA staff, back in 2004, she cooked her son Max and his childcare buddies a delicious, colourful alternative to the factory-farmed, additive-filled, highly processed fare that dominated children’s catering.  Where cement cracks, flowers can grow. Soon Lulu was heading a socially responsible food enterprise that inspires health and supports sustainable farming. 

As a speaker and fooducator, Lulu loves to share ideas on all things food, health and physical activity. She advocates for the importance of mandatory food literacy and nutrition education in childcare centres and schools, as well as the implementation of a better national food policy focused on Canadian’s health and wellbeing not industry bottom line.

She believes food can be our fuel for a happy and healthy mental and physical health and that preparing and eating delicious foods is one of life’s ultimate pleasure.

Lulu is a change-maker and an influencer. She has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences, symposiums, on TV and Radio shows, where she shares her experience as an intuitive & innovative cook, an entrepreneur, her love for clean delicious foods and her nutrition knowledge.

Lulu’s work has been featuredin numerous outlets: (  and she was recently awarded the W100 Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs (2016) as well as Canada’s Top 100 health Influencers Awards.(2017)