Maxime Daigle is a 3rd generation oyster farmer working for Maison Beausoleil, a Canadian company specialized in the production and distribution of oysters. Through his studies in science and his personal interests as a culinary enthusiast, Maxime is constantly seeking to improve growing techniques to ensure their sustainability and to achieve the perfect oyster. Maxime sits on the executive committee of the Shellfish Association of New Brunswick. He is well known to Instagram followers as @betweentwoshells who brings stunning photographs and regular updates to food aficionados on the joys and tribulations of oyster growing.

His grandfather, Ovila Daigle was given an Aquaculture Association of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in re-establishing the oyster population on the East Coast of Canada after the Malpeque disease wiped out 90% of the existing stock. His father, Maurice Daigle, along with his business partner Amédée Savoie, pioneered the floating tray aquaculture technique as well as the cocktail-oyster market around the world.

Following in these footsteps, Maxime is currently planning to start an oyster farm of his own and looking to the future to build the infrastructure needed to ensure the long-term viability of the industry.