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Originally from Toronto, Canadian-born Chef Aidan Galligan was raised in St. Louis, Missouri in the heart of barbecue nation. Aidan went on to study culinary arts at St. Louis Community College and graduated with an associates degree. Aidan left Missouri for London’s west end, where he spent two years at the acclaimed restaurant, The Ivy. When The Ivy’s sister restaurant, Le Caprice, was opened in the fall of 2009 in the Pierre Hotel, Aidan moved to midtown New York to become their Saucier. It was at Le Caprice where Aidan’s skills would come to the attention of Daniel Boulud, and soon after, he would become the Tournant at Boulud Sud in 2011. When Cafe Boulud was opened in Toronto’s brand new Four Seasons Hotel in 2012, Aidan would finally returned to his birthplace to help build their team. 

"When I moved back to Toronto I realized that as Canadians, we don’t have a true barbecue identity of our own,” said the chef and winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 Thrill of the Grill barbecue competition. “We want eating Uncle Smoke Barbecue to be reminiscent of the great wood fire cookouts we had with my dad growing up in St. Louis". Aidan’s father introduced him to a wide variety of old school barbecue joints across Missouri from the time he was a young boy and the taste would stick with him until today. “We would literally barbecue every night when I was a kid. When we got a bit older, I would start doing some of the cooking and the family barbecue competition was ON”.

Aidan’s creation "Uncle Smoke Barbecue Company" takes its name from one of his childhood friend’s uncles, who’s real name remains unknown (true story) and who was only know as their “Uncle Smoke”. Perpetually on the run from the law in California or Missouri (also a true story), Uncle Smoke would drift in and out of Aidan’s life, bringing with him a menagerie of outlaw stories and legend. Years later, "Uncle Smoke" became a term of endearment used by chefs to describe foods with righteously smoky flavours in the restaurant kitchens Aidan worked in.

Aidan’s culinary philosophy reflects a growing shift back towards simpler foods, served in more casual environments. The essence of his cuisine is rooted in using the best locally and ethically raised animals and produce to lovingly prepare accessible foods whose flavours express themselves. Aidan believes that the preparation of food is demonstration of more than just affection - it’s respect. A respect for both feeding people and a passion for preparing food is the foundation of why he choose his profession.

When not in the the kitchen or in front of his smoker, you can find Aidan fixating on baseball, spending time on his aunts farm in Creemore, Ontario and listening to his favourite music: 90’s hip hop, delta blues, soul and New Orleans brass band sound.

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Uncle Smoke specializes in authentic southern comfort food. Cooked over wood-fire, smoke is the cornerstone flavour you’ll find in Uncle Smoke’s offerings. Traditional St. Louis spare ribs and pork shoulder are the newcomers claim-to-fame, along with barbecue staples such as brisket, whole chicken and juicy brats. No barbecue is complete without classic sides like creamy mac and cheese, home style baked beans, tangy slaw, skillet corn bread and seasonal desserts.