Eden Hagos

@EdenTheFoodie          @blackfoodie.co

Eden Hagos is a food lover and personality who’s taste is as diverse as her roots. Born and raised in Windsor, to an Ethiopian immigrant family she developed a passion for food watching her family open one of the first Ethiopian restaurants in her hometown.  

Influenced by her food-centered upbringing and her move to Toronto, she started experimenting with traditional African and Caribbean flavors in her spare time as a student. After graduating with a degree in sociology, she was chosen for a competitive and innovative Canadian fellowship program with MaRS discovery district where she began to blend her interest in food, business, and digital media.  She founded Black Foodie, after a personal experience motivated her to develop an online platform and series that explores food through a Black lens. She now travels the world in search of flavour. From Montego Bay to Montreal to New Orleans, her adventures are always as flavourful as they are exciting. She uses this experience to create content and a platform that offers critical and culturally relevant perspectives on the food world.