Trevor Lui



It’s really about a life-long passion having been immersed in this industry since childhood. Starting from humble beginnings growing up in the family restaurant business, the love for food and events is in Trevor’s DNA. From the dish lines of a tiny restaurant to producing some of the largest and most prestigious events in Canada, he’s always focused on thinking outside conventional trends and a strong advocate for change. Trevor’s love will always be with food, drink and events but the focus is now much bigger and strategic.

As Director of Operations & Sustainability for The International Centre, his passion is in the development of sustainable events and transforming the experience for today and the future. Whether it’s local ingredient sourcing, philanthropy or carbon reduction, his mission is simple; utilize his twenty years of knowledge and experience to change the way people
think before they plan to meet, eat and socialize.

Trevor can be found wired to social media, engaging audiences, penning an article or strategizing sustainable ideas and start-ups that challenge the status quo through his idea incubator enga8e group. As a life-long foodie, Trevor has stepped back into his past, jumping back in to things as co-creator and owner behind two of Toronto’s foremost food experiences, La Brea Food and Kanpai Snack Bar. He considers himself a #ChangeAgent and #SerialInstigator and is always seeking to connect with like-minded passionistas.

about kanpai snack bar

Taiwan is home to the best street food markets in the world. From the infamous night markets of Raohe to Shihlin in the bustling streets of Taipei, culture and food enthusiasts flock to take in the sights, sounds, smells and flavours. A melting pot of culinary delights derived from historical Taiwanese influences of Japan and regions of Mainland China, the likes of Fujian province and Hakka-style, the markets are a landing spot for the ultimate epicurean mash-up. At Kanpai, we deliver the same flavours to the historical neighbourhood of Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

With a diverse and talented partnership team including expert Taiwanese food curators, the Kanpai experience is an authentic transport reminiscent of being in Taiwan. Offering a menu laden with exciting XIAOCHI or “cheap snacks” from wok-fried delights to infamous family-style fried chicken dinners, the Kanpai experience is unique and first of its kind in Toronto. Along with the exciting food are the other key components that complete the ultimate experience.  Hip cocktailing and locally-sourced libations from craft beer, to sake and even classic cocktails on tap are a perfect marriage with our fun and tasty menu.

And our space, a modern, refreshing and welcoming environment emblazoned with décor accents carefully composed using a mix of ultra-chic, reclaimed materials and design effects, brought together by our friends from Green Tangerine Deign. And what of the name “Kanpai?” Translated from the ever-present Japanese influence as “Bottoms Up” and Putonghua or Mandarin term “Gan Bei”… well, mix in a healthy dose of our chronic addiction of old school hip hop and we’ve got a perfect recipe for pure fun.

Our people, our food, our drinks, our neighbourhood. When Taipei meets Toronto, Kanpai happens. Eat often, eat well and wash it down with something good.

Check us on line, share our stories socially and drive the content with chatter, videos and pictures on Instagram & Twitter @kanpaisnackbar and tag freely with our hashtag #TaiwanTO