For the past six years, my wife, daughter and I have lived at the northwest tip of the Avalon Peninsula of my home Province of Newfoundland in the historic town of Grates Cove. Here we own and operate Grates Cove Studios, a business that enables me to connect my food, art and designs. Preparing food and making art and design are all creative practices that have been heavily influenced by my upbringing in Newfoundland, as well as my time living in South Korea and the bayou country of south Louisiana.  I also have the benefit of living in a sacred place where I can both literally and figuratively forage for material for my creative practices.  

One of the first creative practices I had was with food.  Since I was a teenager, I have been restricted from food at various times of my life because of illness.  This only heightened my fascination for the food “medium”. From early on, I had to be satisfied by food visually by studying and creating recipes even when I wasn’t allowed to eat. 

I continued creative study at Sir Grenfell College and graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1999. My artwork is represented by the Christina Parker Gallery in St. John’s.   My studies and my continued art and design practice are less driven by personal style. I try to direct my process away from any long stayed method or medium and try to be respectful of the potential for new exploration and experimentation. 

Now, having prepared food in a more professional setting, I have come to recognize food, art and design as extensions of each other. Where my sketch books used to only have thumbnails for new paintings or a new lamp design, it now has thumbnails for new dishes alongside them.