Terroir 2012:


“There’s a new breed of chef and restaurateur forging a new regime in food. Well-educated and highly skilled individuals, they are constantly in pursuit of excellence. Many of these chefs have accreditations from the best culinary schools, but will still gladly work for free with the world’s top chefs. Their practices are ingrained in the principles of sustainable food production and local farming. They are collaborative, tactile, resourceful-types who are opening up shop in unassuming spaces serving Michelin-worthy fare. Less interested in what the establishment thinks; they have access to supportive communities with the tap of a finger and are business-minded hospitality professionals sharing knowledge and inspiration from their fellow colleagues. Their food is made from scratch and it’s delicious, honoring traditional and trusted techniques while delivering ingredients in a radical new way. They are the vanguard of modern cuisine.

In this year’s symposium we examine the people, ideas and principles within this movement, and what kind of impact they have had on hospitality. Join us on the journey.”


You can find photos from the event here:

Terroir Symposium 2012


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