Wok and Roll-Riding the Rails of Chinese Canadian Cuisine

Curated by Ivy Knight
Cocktails by Dave Mitton

During the 19th century, thousands of Chinese immigrants were employed as labourers during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Many who stayed in Canada after completion of the railroad, often with no training as chefs or cooks, opened small, inexpensive restaurants that featured items based on their traditional cuisine, but adapted to a Canadian tastes, and often available alongside the cuisine of other immigrants; Scandinavian loggers, mill workers from Eastern Europe. Thus was developed the Chinese smorgasbord; pot stickers beside pierogies, and sweet and sour chicken next to Swedish meatballs. These early restaurateurs were pioneers who by necessity, adaptation and innovation developed fare that, over successive generations, has come to be known as Canadian Chinese. Across Canada and the U.S., North American style Chinese Food is readily available and hugely popular, at buffet style restaurants and take out joints.

Inspired by the idea of innovation and working within contemporary culture, fifteen of our most esteemed chefs are preparing a feast featuring those traditional menu items but using only the finest ingredients available.

Matty Matheson 
Executive Chef, Parts & Labour; Noodle Bar
Scott Vivian
 Executive Chef & Owner, Beast Restaurant; Baby Bok Choy & Ribs
Christopher Brown
 Chef, The Stop Food Enterprise; Snow Crab
Alex Feswick
 Chef, The Brockton General; Swedish Meatballs
Graham Pratt 
Executive Chef, The Gabardine; Crispy Squid with Spicy Salt
Marc St. Jacques 
Executive Chef, 
Auberge du Pommier
; General Tsao Sweetbreads
Nick Liu
 Owner & Executive Chef, GwaiLo; Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls and Sweet & Sour Tofu Balls
Jeremy Charles
 Executive Chef & Owner, Raymonds, NFLD; Macaroni & Cheese
Kevin Gilmour Chef de Cuisine, 
The Drake Hotel; Pork Carving Station with Peanut-Ginger Slaw
Charlotte Langley 
Chef de Cuisine, Café Belong; Salt & Pepper Egg with Rising Sun Sauce
Jason Bangerter, Executive Chef, O&B Canteen, Luma; Spring Roll & Cold Roll
Aaron Bear Robe 
Executive Chef & Owner, Keriwa Café; Bison Perogies
David Givon
 Head Chef, The Bellevue; Crispy Beef with Honey, Garlic & Ginger
Christine Fancy 
Pastry Chef, The Gabardine; Fortune Cookies
Melanie Clancy
 Head Chef & Owner, Boreal Gelato Co.; Sundae Bar


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Sifu Renka