Pierre-Olivier Trempe is without a doubt a passionate entrepreneur. Fervent admirer of mixology, and the creativity that is behind the art of mixing spirits, Pierre-Olivier went into business in 2009. 

He launched MADE WITH LOVE, a mixology competition that highlights local talents and provides a unique space for bartenders to innovate and showcase extravagance. Now present in 10 different cities across Canada and expanding internationally, MADE WITH LOVE has become the must-attend event for thousands of cocktail lovers and epicureans in Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Pierre-Olivier is also actively working to unite the bartending community and to democratize the cocktail culture, notably by co-founding, in 2013, Montreal and Quebec City's first cocktail weeks. Invasion Cocktail is a festival presented by MADE WITH LOVE that aims to promote the local cocktail culture to the general public, and helps educate professionals in the mixology industry. Always on the lookout, the founder and director of Canada's most extravagant mixology competition keeps working on several projects. MADE WITH LOVE is also an independent entity that works with several brands and clients. It is a unique business model based on community building values whose pillars are passion, excellence, extravagance, and, of course, contact with every component of the community itself.