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7AM until 9AM



Quebec is known and loved for its fantastic ingredients (think dark maple syrup; wild game meats; and creamy artisanal cheeses) and for its European-influenced culinary traditions—enriched over the years by each new wave of immigration. My family is French-Canadian, and I have fond memories of tucking into my grandmother’s feves au lards (baked beans made with pork fat back and maple syrup) and her classic tourtiere (a deep meat pie). These and other familiar dishes are represented (and reinvented) here. And of course, we’ll be showcasing the ultimate Quebecois classic: poutine. Bon appetit!

—Renée Bellefeuille, Executive Chef, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

8:30AM until 10:30AM


hosted by


HOOP DANCER, Lisa Odjig McHayle

Marcel Shepert, chairman, River Select Fisheries Co-operative and member of the Wet’suwet’en Nation, Prince George, British Columbia


Canada’s indigenous peoples have long revered food for connecting us to one another and to the land. In a series of mini presentations, we trace the stories of loss, struggle and re-emergence that define Aboriginal cuisine as fundamental to our nation’s food culture.

  • BITTER TASTES: Wikwemikong activist John Croutch talks modern conflict and its impact on First Nations food
  • RENEWAL, RESILIENCE AND RECONCILIATION: Women's responsibilities as the caretakers of life.  Sarain Carson-Fox, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, VICE
  • FAMILY-STYLE: Edmonton’s Shane Chartrand on reconnecting with his Cree heritage in the upscale restaurant world
  • CANADA TODAY: Food Day Canada founder Anita Stewart, of Elora, Ontario, surveys the nation’s foodscapes

11AM until 12PM



We share perspectives on First Nations food cultures as diverse as the Canadian regions in which they have evolved.

  • Arctic food forager and lawyer Steven Cooper talks with Nunavut-based teacher and drummer David Serkoak about life in the North.
  • Jennifer Dewasha, Chef, Colette Restaurant, Toronto, looks at the history and food experiences of the Wahta Mohawks.


Presented by Ocean Wise      Moderated by NED BELL, Ocean Wise

No symbol is more iconic of the west coast than the epic migration of Canada’s five Pacific salmon species from British Columbia's rivers and streams to the ocean and back. Join Ocean Wise for a deep dive into how wild salmon have shaped our country’s identity and food culture.

  • Stephen Johansen, fisherman and co-owner of Organic Ocean Seafood, Vancouver
  • Marcel Shepert, chairman, River Select Fisheries Co-operative and member of the Wet’suwet’en Nation, Prince George, British Columbia

3 breaking bread

Moderated by PAY CHEN, media personality, Toronto

Since humans first figured out how to sow crops, they have been making bread. We explore the challenges of creating a regional grain economy and completing the circle between farmer, miller, baker, brewer and customer. Moving beyond heirloom wheats, we look at current breeding programs designed to achieve higher-yielding wheats with excellent flavour that can also make farmers a profit.

  • Chris Wooding, organic farmer, Ironwood Organics, Gananoque, Ontario
  • Henry Willis, baker, Humble Bread, Bloomfield, Ontario
  • Trine Hahnemann, food writer, chef and founder of the Rye Bread Project, Denmark
  • Dawn Woodward, wholegrain baker and co-owner of Evelyn’s Crackers, York, Ontario


Geography, geology and climate all feed into our terroir. While this word, which roughly translates as “sense of place,” is most commonly used in winemaking, it is relevant to our fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy and wild edibles too. We explore the defining flavours and ingredients of our nation and how they’re shaped by nature.

  • Ursula Heinzelmann, Author, Wine & Cheese Expert, Germany
  • Shauna White, Vineyard Manager & Winemaker, Adamo Estate Winery, Orangeville
  • Tarynn Liv Parker, Photographer and Publisher, Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Marion Kane, food sleuth®, writer, podcaster and cook, Toronto
  • Nikki Bayley, travel writer, Vancouver

11AM until 12:30PM

highly recommended

WINE WORKSHOP: What’s your skin in the game?

Moderated by John Szabo, author and Master Sommelier, Toronto

Ontario’s Vintner Quality Alliance (VQA) is about to approve regulations governing the production and certification of skin-fermented white Ontario wines, more commonly referred to as “orange” wines. Join John Szabo, Master Sommelier, and orange wine stakeholders, for a philosophical debate about skin-contact wines and the new legislation that will govern them, as well as an informative tasting, featuring Ontario wines with different degrees of skin contact. Prepare for an exciting blind tasting and lively debate!

  • Ann Sperling, winemaker, Southbrook Vineyards, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
  • Brent Rowland, winemaker, Pearl Morrisette Estate Winery, Jordan, Ontario
  • Fiona Beckett, wine columnist, the Guardian, London, UK
  • Brian Schmidt, Vineland Estates Winery, Vineland, Ontario
  • Joshua Corea, co-owner, Archive, Toronto, Ontario


12PM until 1PM

curated by

This year’s lunch is all about Canadian sustainable seafood. Join Ocean Wise’s Chef Ned Bell, along with 13 other restaurants, to sample and savour a selection of Canada’s finest seafood offerings. Organized by Jasmine Baker, president and founder, For the Love of Food, and Ivy Knight, food writer and event planner.

For details on this years' lunch, check out the FOOD PROGRAM.

1PM until 2PM


5 Trade and Terroir

Moderated by PAY CHEN, media personality, Toronto

Newfoundland was the cornerstone of global connectivity in the earliest incarnation of our nation. In our newest province and oldest settlement, merchants have historically traded the most precious commodity, cod, for everything from molasses to nutmeg to rum. Our panelists discuss how culturally significant foods from afar can be as crucial as terroir in defining a regional cuisine.

  • Jonathan Gushue, chef-owner of the Berlin, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Miguel Andrade, food writer and researcher, Portugal
  • Lori McCarthy, owner and head forager of Cod Sounds, St John’s
  • Todd Perrin, chef-owner of Mallard Cottage, St John’s

6 The Big Picture

Moderated by ALISON MACLEAN, publishing executive and instructor specialized in cookbooks

The traditional cookbook no longer satisfies readers, who are hungry for a lot more than recipes. Our panel of Canadian publishing experts discuss the power of words and images to tell a more complete culinary story.

  • Michelle Meade, senior editor, Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver
  • Lisa Jager, art director, Penguin Random House, Toronto
  • Trish Bunnett, publicity manager, Penguin Random House, Toronto



Moderated by BRENT PRESTON, organic farmer, the New Farm, Creemore, Ontario

Food and Farming: Our panel explores the symbiotic relationship between chef and farmer and how restaurant professionals can advocate for better farming systems.

  • Renee Lavallée, chef and owner, The Canteen on Portland, Dartmouth  
  • Mandel Hitzer, chef-owner, deer + almond, Winnipeg
  • John Jackson, chef and co-owner, CHARCUT Roast House and Charbar, Calgary
  • Ruth Klahsen, cheesemaker and proprietor, Monforte Dairy, Stratford, Ontario

8 the road maP to exceptional

Hosted by REBECCA MACKENZIE, President, Culinary Tourism Alliance

This group of presenters, travel far and wide throughout the world, experiencing the interesting, exotic and even the mundane.  They will captivate us with the globetrotting journeys, while bringing back ideas of how we can be inspired at home and what we need to do to build our culinary profiles.

  • Benjamin Ryan, Chief Commercial Officer, Air North, Whitehorse
  • Naomi Duguid, culinary travel writer and cookbook author, Toronto
  • Ivy Knight, food writer and cookbook author, Toronto
  • Aman Dosanj, Founder of the Paisley Notebook, Kelowna, British Columbia

2PM until 3PM


9 French flavour

Hosted by JACOB RICHLER, journalist and food columnist, Toronto

French-Canadian cuisine is rooted in the cultures of Canada’s First peoples, the Métis and the earliest European settlers. Chefs from Quebec and the Maritimes region once known as Acadia are not only inspired by these intertwined threads of tradition but compelled to cook with reverence for the raw ingredients they have at their disposal.


  • Alex Cruz & Cyril Gonzales, co-owners of Société-Orignal & L’École Buissonnière, in Montreal, pinpoint what’s distinctive about the products and people of French Canada

  • Anne Desjardins, senior chef-consultant and long-time chef-owner of L’Eau à la bouche, St Adèle, reflects on iconic regional foods and the chef’s life in Quebec.

  • Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir, founding co-editor of Caribou Magazine, Baie-St-Paul, Quebec, presents the contemporary cuisine and culture of Quebec

  • Simon Thibault, a Halifax-based journalist, author and programmer for Devour! Food Film Fest, presents Acadian culture and history: the arrival of the French settlers in Canada  



Moderated by KRISTIN MARSHALL, Refugee Law Trainer, Legal Aid Ontario, Toronto

Canadian farming depends on the seasonal foreign workers in our fields and packing houses. While they earn a living here that supports family back home, they are excluded from privileges and protections afforded to Canadian residents—even though their labour and specialized knowledge are vital assets. We examine the precarious situation of this group and ask how there is room to grow.

  • Norman Hardie, winemaker and owner, Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard, Prince Edward County, Ontario
  • Gabriel Allahdua, migrant worker and organizer, Justice for Migrant Workers Group, Windsor, Ontario
  • Fay Faraday,  Social Justice Lawyer, Barrister & Solicitor, Toronto

11 growing forward

Presented by Canola Eat Well   Moderated by ELLEN PRUDEN, director, Canola Eat Well, Winnipeg

How can a chef, a farmer and a scientist work together for the best-case-scenario future of our food system? We meet at the intersection between delicious, nourishing, viable and sustainable to envisage agriculture in tomorrow’s Canada.

  • Dr. Nancy Tout, Head of research & development, Syngenta
  • Will Bergmann, Farmer, Bergmann Bros, Glenlea, Manitoba
  • Ned Bell, Chef ambassador, Ocean Wise, Vancouver


12 Cooking up our Future

Developing the palate of children and youth, as well as their understanding of crucial food issues, is key to fostering healthy food systems for their grandkids and beyond. In this panel discussion and series of mini presentations, we meet Canadians from across the country paving the way for future generations. We explore how we as citizens can mobilize to support youth on their journey to responsible citizenship.

  • Lulu Cohen, founder of Real Food for Real Kids
  • Jean-François Archambault, founder of La Tablée des Chefs
  • Justin Daniel Tse, S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 Canadian Semi Finalist
  • Alex Hon, Chef at West

2PM until 3:30PM

highly recommended

WINE WORKSHOP: Long Live Riesling

Moderated by Magdalena Kaiser, director of public relations,VQA Wines of Ontario, and Ursula Heinzelmann, author and wine and cheese expert

The darling of many wine experts, is Riesling the single greatest white grape variety? Grown across Canada with 2,700 acres cultivated in Ontario alone, our local Riesling stands out among the best. Join Riesling specialists Ursula Heinzelmann and Magdalena Kaiser of VQA Wines of Ontario as they moderate an interactive panel discussion focused on this noble white grape. The tasting will feature Ontario Riesling, while exploring different Riesling styles from other key wine regions.

  • Christoph Thörle, winemaker, Thörle Winery, Saulheim, Germany
  • Robert Gilvesy, winemaker and owner, Gilvesy Winery, Budapest, Hungary
  • Charles Baker, producer, Stratus Vineyards & Charles Baker Wines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

3PM until 4PM


13 Canadians in A FOREIGN LAND

Presented by Air Canada           Moderated by SARAH MUSGRAVE, Air Canada Enroute

Canadians in the hospitality industry are creating worlds and names for themselves in far-flung destinations. We ask them what it’s like to represent Canada on the world stage.

  • Kyumin Hahn, Research and Development Chef, Kadeau, Denmark
  • Nicolai Nørregaard, Head Chef and Partner, Chef, Kadeau, Denmark
  • Hugh Acheson, Chef/Restaurateur/Author, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Daniel Burns, Chef/Owner/Author, Luksus, New York


14 Seal: Too Cute to Eat?

Moderated by ERIC PATEMAN, executive chef and president of Edible Canada

The seal hunt has for centuries been the lifeblood of Northern communities in Canada, both for sustenance as well as for economic stability. For decades, the image of a young seal has also been the poster pup for international animal rights activists. A new generation of Aboriginals, fisherman and chefs are challenging widely publicized beliefs and misinformation around the hunt. These young leaders are defending the seal hunt as a vital, sustainable livelihood for the 21st century, which both supports northern communities and keeps fish stocks plentiful.  

  • Dion Dakins, CEO of Carino Processing, St John’s
  • Todd Perrin, Chef/Owner of Mallard Cottage, St John’s
  • David Serkoak, Ahiarmiut Relocation Spokesperson, Teacher, Drum Dancer & Hunter, Ottawa & Arviat, Nunavut
  • Aaju Peter, Inuit Activist, Lawyer and Actor


Presented by TABASCO®      Moderated by BRIAN GILVESY, eco-rancher, YU Ranch

As an antidote to the increasingly bland flavours we've grown accustomed to in grocery-store fare, modern chefs and researchers have been working together to amplify the flavours of foods. Can we turn to Science to make North America delicious again?

  • Joshua Evans, Cambridge University PhD student & Nordic Food lab alum, UK
  • Mark Schatzker,  author, journalist and host on FlavourTV, Toronto
  • John Szabo, master sommelier and writer, Toronto


16 Canadians of the 21st Century

“We’re the only place on Earth that is strong not in spite of our differences but because of them.”—Justin Trudeau

Last year alone, Canada laid out the welcome mat to a record 320,932 immigrants from around the world. What do new Canadian bring to the table and how does this shirt of diversity reflect a new Canadian culinary identity?

  • Bashir Munye, chef food advocate and founder of the Nomadic Dinner series, Toronto
  • Chris Aerni, chef-owner of Rossmount Inn, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick
  • Ann Hui, Globe & Mail’s national food reporter, Toronto
  • Suresh Doss, food and drink writer, Toronto

4PM until 4:30PM



Last year a group of women came together at The Depanneur to cook and serve the food of Syria to the people of Toronto. Visit Newcomer Kitchen today at Terroir, welcome our country’s newest citizens, and discover the flavours of the beautiful land they left behind.

4PM until 5:30PM

highly recommended

wine workshop: The Explosion of Canadian Fizz

Moderated by EUGENE MLYNCZYK, Master of Wine, Toronto

Sparkling wine is one of Canada’s most exciting wine trends. Join Eugene Mlynczyk, Master of Wine, on a journey through the sparkling wines of Canada with a special focus on VQA Wines of Ontario. Discover the key styles and unique characteristics that local sparkling wines have to offer. Provincially and nationally our climate produces top bubbles with fully developed flavours, high acid and low potential alcohol, critical for great sparkling wine.

  • Gregory Smith, wine director, Central Restaurante, Lima, Peru
  • Belinda Kemp, PhD., Viticulture and Oenology, Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario
  • Jonas Newman, winemaker, Hinterland Estates, Hillier, Ontario
  • Craig McDonald, vice-president winemaking, Andrew Peller Estates, Grimsby, Ontario

4:30PM until 6:30PM



1  Food & Landscape: The faces & places of food AND         agriculture

A film by Kevin Kossowan, filmmaker

2  pulses, grains and growing for our future

Courtney Hirota, Director, Strategic Communications, Pulse Canada

3  BELONGING To This Land: Images and insights on food, farming, and social justice in Canada  

Michael Ableman, author, organic farmer and local food systems advocate, Salt Spring Island,


4  Youth, Mentorship and the Future of Food

For our international reputation to grow, it takes an inspired and technically outstanding next generation to carry the torch. We look at how the S.Pellegrino Young Chef is contributing and the essential role of mentorship in taking Canadian cuisine to the next level.

  • Clement Vachon, International Relations Chief, S. Pellegrino, Milan 
  • Alison Ramage, S. Pellegrino Young Chef Competitor, Vancouver
  • Normand Laprise, Chef-owner Toque and 2016 S.Pellegrino Young Chef Mentor, Montreal


5  Iconically Canadian

Moderated by Amanda Cohen, Chef-owner, Dirt Candy, New York

When it comes to food, drink and hospitality, how are we and our offerings perceived across the nation and beyond? Our panel of high-profile food-industry folks debates the meaning of “iconically Canadian” at home and abroad.

  • Matty Matheson, VICELAND TV host and chef, Parts & Labour, Toronto
  • Lynn Crawford, chef-co-owner, Ruby Watchco, Toronto
  • Dufflet Rosenberg, Founder and CEO, Dufflet Pastries, Toronto
  • Susur Lee, Chef-owner of Lee Kitchen, Bent, Frings, Luckee (Toronto) and TungLok Heen (Singapore)

Please note, this schedule is subject to change.