Terroir Hospitality Symposium

Arcadian Court, 401 Bay Street, 8th Floor (Queen & Bay)

7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

After Party – Terroir Ticket holders!

6:30pm to 2am at the Drake Hotel hosted by Ivy Knight and featuring cocktails by Cameron Rector from Vera’s Pizzeria in Buffalo, New York and a shellfish feast harvested from the Gaspésie by chef Danny Smiles from Le Bremner in Montreal, Quebec.



7:00 am Registration

7:00 – 9:00am

Breakfast Buffet – prepared by Michael Robertson & Jamie Meireles, Chefs, Oliver & Bonacini, Toronto




Growing Ideas

Community building & creative collaboration in the world of gastronomy.

The Terroir Hospitality Symposium is Canada’s leading hospitality industry event.  In its 8th year, we bring together like-minded leaders from all sectors of the hospitality industry to network, collaborate on innovative ideas and to share experiences that provide inspiration.  The key to our success has been in strategically curating a program that showcases talent from Canada and internationally – across all sectors of the hospitality industry – including chefs, producers, sommeliers, beverage producers, manager and front of house staff as well as marketing and media professionals.  The one-day format provides educational resources as well as being a mechanism for participants to discover new ideas while being introduced to culinary leaders and innovators within this complex and varied industry.   The foundation for our content is based on regionally based cuisine (Terroir) and sharing like-minded ideas on food systems and sustainability. This year’s theme of ‘community building’ and ‘creative collaboration’ will showcase examples of how the hospitality industry supports each other by sharing ideas & collective resources
to build strength.  With each presentation we will look at how individuals, organizations and communities work together for a greater common purpose, thereby building a strong collective.

Master of Ceremonies

Max Valiquette

Max Valiquette

Guest Curators


Alessandro Porcelli, Cook It Raw


Ivy Knight, Swallow Daily

Program Details (Subject to Change)

8:30am Opening Remarks

Arlene Stein, Chair, Terroir Symposium, Toronto

Peter Oliver, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, Toronto

EMCEE: Max Valiquette, Marketing & Culture Expert, Media Personality, Public Speak, Author, Marketing Director, Bensimon Byrne, Toronto


8:40 – 10:00am Main Stage Presentations

Collective Intelligence

Krystina Roman, Rosewood Wines, Niagara


Stone Soup: Chef’s Collaboration

Alessandro Porcelli, Cook it Raw, in Conversation with The Group of Seven Chefs

Scott Vivian, Beast Restaurant; Bertrand Alépée, The Tempered Chef; Matty Matheson, Parts & Labour; Chris Brown, Citizen Catering, Toronto


An American Abroad: Creating Community in the Basque

Kevin Patricio, Chef and Restaurateur, La Madame and Founder, Basqueland Brewing Project, Donostia-San Sebastián


Building Better Teams

Jill McAbe, Certified Executive Coach specializing in leadership & organizational development; PCC level
Founder, Restaurant MGMT Academy; 
Managing Director, Harvest Kitchen, Toronto



Brandon Baltzley, Proprietor & Chef, TMIP at Exterior Farm; Founder CRUX, a ‘nomadic culinary collective’ and Author, Seven Lives, La Porte County, Indiana


10:00am Break: Hospitality Lounge

Big Green Egg & Chef Michael Olson, THR & Co., The Drake 150, Neal Brother Foods with Steve Gonzalez, Ryerson Food Services, Upper Canada Cheese

We will be serving Samuel Adams beer from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.


10:30am Creative Culinary Communities

Panel moderated by Rebecca LeHeup, Executive Director of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, featuring Dimitrios Zarikos, Regional Vice-President & General Manager, The Four Seasons Hotels; Anne-Marie (Ami) Hovstadius, VisitSweden, Helen McDaid, Fáilte Ireland & Don House, Chairman, Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance.


11:00am Main Stage Presentations

The Modern Monks: Ontario Viticulturalists and Winemakers Discovering Their Own Terroir

Thomas Bachelder, Co-Proprietor, The Bachelder Project, Montréal


Redefining Rural through Social Business

Shaun Majumder, Actor, Social Entrepreneur, Burlington NL


Food and The Foreign Correspondent

Nathan Thornburgh, Co-founder and Publisher, Roads & Kingdoms, NYC


Chef in the Jungle

Mara Jernigan, Director, Belcampo Belize, Belize


A Swedish Culinary Ambassador

Fia Gulliksson, Food in Action, Food Ambassador for the region of Jämtland, Sweden


Female Chefs are Chefs, Too

Amanda Cohen, Proprietor & Chef, Dirt Candy, NYC


1:00 – 3:00pm  Potluck Lunch: A collaboration among American and Canadian Chefs

Sonja Finn, Dinette, Pittsburgh

Heather Mordue, L’unita, Toronto

Lauren Resler, Empellón Cocina & Empellón Taqueria, NYC

Michelle Edgar, The Sweet Escape, Toronto

Kristen Kish, Menton, Boston

Amanda Ray, Biff’s Bistro, Toronto

Jamie Malone, Sea Change, Minneapolis

Tobey Nemeth, Edulis Restaurant, Toronto

Sarah Simmons, City Grit, NYC

Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco, Toronto

Alex Feswick, The Drake Hotel, Toronto

Charlotte Langley, Story’s, Toronto

Léonie Lilla, The FARMERS Daughter, Toronto


3:00 – 6:00pm Main Stage Presentations

The Taste of Tuscany – Wine, Food and People

Charlotte Horton, Winemaker & Co-Proprietor, Castello di Potentino, Tuscany


Lucky BEEF – Peter Meehan from Lucky Peach in Conversation with David MacMillan & Frédéric Morin, Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Vin Papillon, Montréal


Toquébecoise – A Champion of Québec Culinary Identity

Normand Laprise, Chef, Toqué and Brasserie T!, Montréal in Conversation with Jim Poris, Food Arts, NYC


Culinary Musings from a Gastronomic Iconoclast

An Art Installation by Chef Grant Soto – aka Taylor Clarke – Screenwriter and Comedian, Toronto


Instinctive Cooking – Reality & Courage

Margot Henderson & Melanie Arnold, Chefs and Co-owners, Arnold & Henderson, Rochelle Canteen, London


Welcome to the 41º Experience

Albert Adrià, Chef, Tickets and 41˚, Barcelona


Community Building and Successful Creative Collaboration

Daniel Boulud, Chef, Boulud, NYC and Café Boulud, Toronto


Collaboration and Open Dialogue

David Chang, Chef, Momofuku NYC and Toronto


Kitchen Workshops – Drop In

10:00 – 11:00am

Gaspésie Sauvage – Wild Foods

Gerard Mathar, Proprietor, Gaspésie Sauvage, Douglastown, PQ & Chef John Winter Russell, Montréal

Gérard Mathar will take the audience on a virtual trip through the Gaspésie with a description of how he and his family live alongside the nature that surrounds them, showcasing examples of products that he forages and why they are an important part of the Gaspésie region. The audience will get to taste a few canapés presented by John Winter Russell, made from the products that Catherine and Gérard have supplied.


11:30am – 12:30pm

Craft Beer: Why the Revolution Matters, and What The Heck Is A Hop?

Grant McCraken, Head Brew Master, Boston Brewery & Mirella Amato, Master Cicerone®, Toronto

As a leader of the craft beer revolution, few beer experts are more well-positioned to discuss craft beer’s importance in beer history than brewers from the Boston Beer Company, proud brewers of Samuel Adams. Join us to hear from a nanobrewer from the brewery as he shares his insights into the craft beer segment and how Samuel Adams has helped evolve the better beer movement in the US, and now Canada.


He will be joined for the last half by Mirella Amato, Master Cicerone® and author of Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer… Even More, and they will talk about hop growing initiatives in Ontario. Through a guided tasting of three beers, Mirella will illustrate the glorious range of aromas and flavours that different hop varieties contribute to beer.


1:00 – 3:00pm

Try Swedish at Terroir.

Chef demos from Sweden. Each chef will demonstrate his or her specific philosophy and provide an appetizer to the restaurants in four different regions in Sweden.

Magnus Ek, Oaxen Krog & Slip, Stockholm

Nordic vegetables and fermentations

Fermented apples & aged turnip fried in apple vinegar with hazelnuts & parsley cream.


Frida Ronge, Restaurang vRÅ, Gothenburg

Halibut & Swedish roe sashimi style

Halibut with vendace roe Kalix löjrom, pickled shallots, scallions and brown butter flavored with Yuzu.


Daniel Berlin, Restaurant Daniel Berlin, Skåne Tranås.

Why we do what we do.

Celery root in its own broth with bread that bears its signature. Raw kid goat with fresh flowers and barley. A slurp of sliced, cold-smoked marrow, seaweed, mushrooms and cow’s cream.


Fia Gulliksson, Jazzköket, Östersund

Artisan products from the gastronomic region of Jämtland

Bites of crispbread with cellar-matured goat cheese & Gran Zirup (spirits flavored with spruce syrup) and SAV birch sap syrup, smoked reindeer from Goijke and a birch sap snaps from SAV distillery.


Check out Swedish Gastronomy and Chefs



3:15 – 4:15pm

The Meal Less Travelled: How to Utilize the Whole Animal

Presented by Feast ON featuring Ryan Donovan & Chef Carl Heinrich, Richmond Station, Toronto

A demo, discussion, and tasting by Richmond Station and Feast ON showcasing how to utilize the whole animal to keep your food miles low and food costs in line while delivering an authentic taste of place.

Presented by Feast ON featuring Chef Carl Heinrich & Ryan Donovan, Richmond Station, Toronto

Feast ON is a criteria-based program designed to help people experience restaurants of all shapes and sizes that champion Ontario food & drink.  From food trucks to fine dining establishments, discover true tastes of place in restaurants that have become “Certified Tastes of Ontario”.

Richmond Station is a stopping place, a bustling neighbourhood restaurant in the downtown core. We are committed to delicious food and excellent hospitality.  We have a daily chalkboard menu that compliments our seasonal pantry offerings. Richmond Station is ingredient focused and technique driven.

4:30 – 5:30pm

The Wild West – New Frontiers in Western Cuisine

The Alberta Ate Chef Collaborative

Featuring Jessica Pelland - CHARCUT Roast House & Charbar Restaurant & Rooftop Patio with John Jackson & Connie DeSousa & Karine Moulin – Hotel Arts with Duncan Ly

The Alberta Ate Chef Collaborative is a fresh initiative from the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance.  The spotlight shines on Alberta’s incredibly rich culinary offerings for the region. Inventive chefs from the province are selected as ambassadors to collaborate, compete, create, and of course, cook at events to share ”what makes Alberta unique in its tastes. Mentorship is one of the cornerstones of the Alberta Ate collaborative, where both mentor and mentee are intricately entwined – join us to celebrate these unique relationships as they come together and each element enriches the other.


Wine Workshops – Pre-registration required – onsite day of Symposium 

Curated by Jamie Drummond and Wine Country Ontario

10:30 – 11:30am

The “Next Big Varietal” Smackdown: Tasting Ontario’s Less Known Varietals

Chair: Will Predhomme

The Teams: Team Gamay – Shiraz Mottiar, Malivoire Wine Company; Team Sauvignon Blanc – Craig McDonald, Trius Winery at Hillebrand; Team Cabernet Franc – Ritchie Roberts, Fielding Estates Winery; Team Syrah – Rob Power, Creekside Estate Winery; Team Semillon – JL Groux, Stratus Vineyards


12:00 – 1:00pm

The Future of The Sommelier (What is the state of the nation?)

Chair:  Jamie Drummond

Panel: Zinta Steprans, Wine Director Soho House North America; Mercedes Bachelet, one of Sweden’s top Sommeliers; Veronique Rivest, Canada’s top Sommelier; Jennifer Heuther, Master Sommelier; Cliff Lede, Cliff Lede Vineyards


2:00 – 3:30pm

Cool Climate Chardonnay Showdown and a take on “Options”

Chair: Bruce Wallner, Master Sommelier, Toronto

Speaker: Mercedes Bachelet, Sommelier, Stockholm


4:00 – 5:30pm

Natural, Biodynamic and Orange wines in Ontario: A Triumph of Technique or Terroir?

Chair: John Szabo, Master Sommelier, Toronto

Panel: Jeff Connell, Woodlot; Alice Feiring, The Feiring Line; Paul Pender, Tawse Winery, Ann Sperling, Southbrook Vineyards; Laurie MacDonald, VQA