Roberto Bava

Roberto Bava is principal of Giulio Cocchi winery, the centenary boutique house of premium Sparkling Wines and Aperitifs in Asti, deep in the Piemonte wine region. Together with his brothers and family he also run the Bava Winery, vine growers of classic and innovative wines in the Barolo and Asti areas. Because of his nonstop activity in promoting the Italian wine and aperitivo culture around the world through seminars, gala dinners, tastings and concerts his company title switched years ago from Marketing and Export Manager to Fun Manager and his business card is a cult for collectors in the wine business. He has served as head of the Wines and Vermouth entrepreneurial association in Asti and as national president of the Italian Chocolate Society. His cultural search for identity and authenticity brought him to save from oblivion and to re-launch obsolete products like Barolo Chinato and in recent years to bring back the appellation "di Torino" on an authentic premium Vermouth . The cult aperitif Cocchi Americano was also kept in production for 124 years with the aim to preserve unchanged the original formula invented by Giulio Cocchi himself.