Roni Saslove

Canadian born and Israeli raised Roni Saslove has been 'stomping grapes' from the age 13. 

My army service was as a guide for the nature protection society, a very hippy service.  

I studied animal science with the initial plan for being a behaviorist vet but after a trip of one year a round the world I realised I want to spread joy around me, and what better way than with wine! my father was a computer engineer that fell in love with wine, he built Saslove Winery in 1998 and in 2002 I joined him. 2008 I moved to Canada to study Enology and viticulture in Brock University and joined the Tawse Winery Crush Pad. Israel is my home, it complex and beautiful and the wines are great! 

For me wine is just another (and wonderful) way of appreciating the beauty life has to offer.  Wine can have hundreds of aromas that awake a memory that creates a physical sensation, and with the right wine a pleasant sensation.