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Of Anishinaabe lineage, Sarain is a dancer, choreographer, activist and television host.  

As a dance artist, Sarain has trained some of the most highly acclaimed faculties such as Quinte Ballet School, The Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Sarain has danced with prestigious indigenous dance companies and artists such as Buffy Saint Marie, Digging Roots, A Tribe Called Red, Kahawaii dance theatre (Toronto), Untld. Collective (Australia) and Ajkun Ballet Theatre (NYC). Sarain was the choreographer and lead in Theatre New Brunswick’s’ The Eighth Fire and recently premiered her solo work, The Red Road Block, at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. 

She has been using her dance platform to create meaningful dialogue between her indigenous community and settler communities. Her collaborative work with Xara Choral theatre (Fatty Legs) can be seen as an example of sarain’s lifelong commitment to art as a tool for reconciliation. 

As an activist Sarain has been engaging with Front-Line and vulnerable communities throughout Indian Country. She sees her platform as a necessary tool to shine light on injustice and amplify the voices of the people.

Sarain’s screen highlights include Rise (Viceland), Cut-Off (Viceland), Daily Vice and she is set to star in APTN’s upcoming series Future History.