Shane Chartrand grew up on a farm outside of Red Deer and moved to Edmonton for culinary training.

Working with award winning chefs, and training in some of the best restaurants and hotels he could find, in Canada, he has furthered his culinary skills. 

Shane started making dents in the community not just through cooking but by participating in events for such charities as Kids with Cancer, MAKE-A-WISH, CNIB, aboriginal groups around the Alberta and BC.  Shane has taught cooking classes to Aboriginal youth, remembering that success is not just dependent upon credentials and experience, but also how much one has to offer back to the community. 

Culinary competitions, charitable and otherwise, have also played a prominent role in his work, helping to further expand upon his experience and training. Chef Shane also endeavors to seek out a path in writing for food columns for such at SAY Magazine and Native People Magazine. 

  • Gold Medal Plates competition- 2 bronze Medal/ 1 Silver Medal
  • CCFCC Chef of the Year Competition- Gold Medal, Provincials
  • Chaine Des Rotisseurs- Plate of the year Award
  • Foodie under 40- Finalist
  • NAIT Alumni Hall of Fame Award- Finalist
  • Alberta Aboriginal Role Models Award- Culinary Arts

Chef Shane has been featured in over 30 different news columns, a dozen North American Magazines, and a few Magazine covers.

  • Featured in many Cookbooks:
  • Great Canadian Masters Cookbook
  • Alberta Farmers Market Cookbook
  • FEAST Cookbook, as well is writing his own book Called: MARROW, progressive Indigenous Cuisine.

Chef Shane Chartrand has been featured in “Cook it Raw-Alberta” documentary, Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance Collaboration videos, CHOPPED CANADA and a Redxtalks- speaker.

He constantly recognizes why he cooks:

“Cooking is all I have ever done! I still want to see, learn, do, and cook, more!”