Sonia Strobel co-founded Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery with her husband and fisherman, Shaun Strobel, to connect fishing families like theirs directly to conscientious consumers providing premium, sustainable seafood. 

Sonia married into the multi-generational gillnetting Strobel family in 2001. For 12 years, Sonia was a high school teacher, who spent 5 years teaching at a maritime-themed inner-city public school in Brooklyn, New York.

An activist for social and environmental justice, Sonia has been a life-long supporter of the local agricultural food movement. Applying her knowledge of Community Supported Agriculture Programs to fishing, Sonia conceived the idea for a Community Supported Fishery in 2008 and Skipper Otto’s became one of the first CSFs in the world. 

As a result, Shaun’s father, Otto, was able to remain in fishing for many more years, and Shaun was able to return to a career in fishing. Skipper Otto now supports 34 independent fishing families and delivers sustainable local seafood to over 2,400 families in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario as well as a growing number of restaurants and retailers.