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Steven has spent the last 50 years recurrently living, working and serving Canada’s arctic, mostly as a lawyer but often as a “food forager”.  Originally as part of Slow Food Edmonton, he has hosted many ‘Northern Food Nights’ featuring northern proteins  amongst them ptarmigan, beluga whale, musk ox and sea urchin all harvested in traditional ways and presented in modern fashion.  Food foraging has allowed Steven to organize many northern themed meals and projects across the continent bringing savvy eaters, the merely curious, the utterly disgusted and chefs together taste experiments.  From Rideau Hall to James Beard House, Steven has opened up the continent to its northern bounty in such forms as “KFB” (Kentucky Fried Blubber) and Polar Bear Masala.

Steven is partner with Ahlstrom Wright Oliver & Cooper, a law firm focused on indigenous legal matters.  He is Chair of the Indigenous Peoples Committee of the International Bar Association.