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Will Bergmann grew up on his family's farm just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He knew from a young age that he would eventually become a farmer himself, but his passion for farming was shared with his love for basketball, music and photography. As a University of Winnipeg Wesmen basketball player, Will still maintains contact with his old coaches and continues to be involved in alumni events today. 

After University, Will spent a year travelling and playing in a rock band that was part of a non-profit organization called Live Different. Live Different is committed to inspiring teenagers with messages of truth and hope and has impacted and influenced tens of thousands of teens across the country. Will's passion for conversation and relationships made him a perfect addition to the team and while he's no longer "in the band", he is still involved in the organization and continues to support the life-changing work that they do. 

Six years ago, Will and his wife, Jen, started a photography company that specializes in weddings, but Will's love for photographing beautiful landscape, scenery and life around the farm has always shone through. Photography is the perfect outlet for Will's creative side and some of his art has been featured in a local gallery in Winnipeg's Exchange District.

It has been almost 6 years since Will and Jen renovated a home on his family's farm and moved back, returning to his roots and starting a family. The Bergmann Bros (est. 1925) farm canola, corn, wheat, soybeans and oats and pigs, but that's not where it ends for Will. Five years ago, Will and Jen started a CSA garden that provides organic fruit and vegetables for subscribing families and local restaurants. Will grows micro-greens and edible flowers in his personal greenhouse to garnish food and drinks for some of Winnipeg's top hot spots. 

Over the past 5 years, Will and Jen have had three children of their own, Brooklyn, Cole and Emmett. They are opening a restaurant near downtown Winnipeg and will not only be growing vegetables for it, but will be raising livestock as well. 
Will's presence on social media has educated thousands about what #farmlife looks like, where food comes from and who the modern day farmer is. His ability to share information and ideas through writing and photography has a level of authenticity that makes you feel like you're right there, living in that moment. His passion for sharing his knowledge and experience not only informs, but inspires others to do the same.