Terroir Hospitality brings together innovative and creative influencers from the field of hospitality, including chefs, food and beverage experts, writers and business leaders. 

Our organization attracts people who are serious about the business of hospitality and who are looking to constantly develop and refine their careers. Terroir is a not-for-profit committee of industry professionals that put on an annual symposium that is about education, networking, sharing collective resources and building a community that helps to strengthen our industry.


This year’s theme, “Pioneering Change,” will focus on influential individuals who challenge colleagues and consumers to rethink and reimagine food and beverage cultures.  As industry professsionals, we have the power to effect change in how societies eat and drink and to create legacies that impact and strengthen the hospitality industry.  For our 9th edition of Terroir, we will invite culinary pioneers to discuss their stories, their passions and ultimately the way in which their journey in our industry has had an effect on our culinary landscape.


Our community engages people who are serious about the business of hospitality and who are looking to continually develop and refine their careers. A committee of leading industry professionals, who dedicate and invest their personal time to ensure its success, guides the Terroir hospitality Conference. Our programs aim to inspire and educate, while allowing time for networking and sharing of collective resources to help build a global community of like-minded individuals that helps to strengthen our industry.

St. John's

Our objectives are to showcase best practices in sustainable NL fisheries. To create a dialogue amongst our delegates on how chefs, restaurateurs and media can better advocate for sustainable seafood consumption to consumers. To create content for our Terroir community of hospitality leaders, chefs and media through earned media, proprietary written, photographic and video content that will be shared through our online networks, including social media. 




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