On The Sweeter Side of Things with Crosby Molasses

We're so excited that Crosby Molasses joined us again for Terroir 2018. If you like to cook (or bake!) you know that they are a Canadian culinary institution. They are a fifth generation, family-owned, Canadian company based in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Crosby Molasses has been importing sugarcane molasses to Canada for 139 years and is proud to be one of the world’s largest importers of fancy and blackstrap molasses.

The Terroir story of Crosby’s fancy molasses is an interesting one. It comes from one place: the Madre Tierra sugar mill in the village of Santa Lucia, Guatemala. It is made from the juice of sugarcane grown in the surrounding volcanic soils.

Terroir small.png

Much like how our beloved maple syrup is made, pure sugarcane is inverted into a syrup to make unrefined, fancy molasses with no additives or preservatives! And contrary to popular belief, fancy molasses is not a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process.

This natural sweetener is non-GMO, unsulfured, gluten-free and safe for those with peanut allergies and celiac disease. Need we say more?!

The beauty of Crosby’s fancy molasses is two-fold, offering a tangy sweetness and unique flavour profile that is well suited to sweet and savoury dishes.


To demonstrate the versatility of this ingredient at Terroir 2018, Crosby’s joined forces with Chef Tobias Pohl-Weary of Topowe Events. He prepared Molasses Spelt Oatmeal bars and a Molasses brined duck breast with duck confit & mushroom purée on red fife molasses bread for our delegates. The dishes were a hit, we didn’t even have a chance!

For unique ways to incorporate Crosby’s Molasses into your cooking, check out crosbys.com for recipes.