Carol Belmonte



After graduating from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science, Carol left on an adventure of a lifetime. Finding herself in South Korea, she began teaching cross-cultural communications. To learn more about the Korean culture, Carol began to take traditional cooking classes, which ignited her interest in people’s relationship with food. After two years in the corporate world, she decided to follow her passion for travel and food, which lead her to small towns and villages of Southeast and Central Asia.  It was here that the importance of fresh, locally grown produce and the vibrant energy of local markets became her inspiration and the turn-around point in her raw food journey.  In the homes of shaman, medicine men, and those who opened their doors to her, the hospitality she encountered was overwhelming and gave her not only the opportunity to learn how to prepare traditional dishes but to learn the medicinal value of food and food-combining.  It was not until her last trip into India to study yoga, that her thoughts, ideas and inspirations became a reality and she began teaching and selling her raw food creations.

After years of working, traveling, and studying in Asia, Carol decided to make Toronto her home again in 2008.  It is here that she started Belmonte Raw, the first of it’s kind in Canada, selling prepared organic cold-pressed juices (bottled in glass) and take away raw-foods.  Belmonte Raw delivers cleansing, healing, and detoxifying meal packages, cold-pressed juices, and cleanses to corporations, homes, and health-minded diners in and around the GTA.   In addition to savory foods, she also specializes in guilt-free, decadent chocolates and deserts that are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, and free of all animal products.   Carol’s philosophy she uses in preparing her food stems from her belief that food is the best preventative medicine that the planet has to offer. Not only does she prepare food, her philosophy also includes teaching and inspiring people on how to incorporate more whole, living foods into their own daily lives.

Belmonte Raw’s first retail outlet opened on Queen Street East in the summer of 2011 and their second in May of 2015.


We understand. It's not always easy to eat well or live as healthy a lifestyle as you've always wanted. City living can be busy, hectic, overwhelming, and it can run your entire system down...but we can help.

We specialize in nutritious whole foods and juices because we've experienced the results: more energy, glowing skin, sharper radiance from the inside out. Our Cleanses, Juices, and Raw Food provide you with the nourishment you need to feel happy and revitalized. A more vibrant you.

You have choices and we believe you're ready to choose the best for your body.

With Belmonte Raw, your healthy lifestyle is now easier than ever.