Chefs and farmers sharing their passion… for eggs!

We’ve built something special here in Canada. Thanks to supply management, Canadians have a constant supply of fresh eggs produced by Canadian farmers, your friends and neighbours, right in the province where you live. And those eggs are of the highest quality. They are a staple in kitchens and restaurants, forming the core of fantastic meals you love.

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Talented chefs and their delicious dishes are one of many reasons why Canadians love eggs. Our more than 1,000 farming families across the country are proud to offer you a constant supply of fresh, local, high-quality eggs from their farm to your restaurant. 

Egg Farmers of Canada have partnered with celebrity Chef Matt Basile of Fidel Gastro’s, a Toronto-based chef who is passionate about cooking food using the best ingredients, for this year’s Symposium. Chef Matt and representatives from Egg Farmers of Canada will be onsite to share some delicious egg-inspired snacks as well as information about how our uniquely Canadian system of supply management is beneficial for all Canadians. Our egg farmers follow world-class food safety and animal care programs which include inspections and third-party audits and ensure Canadian eggs are always produced according to the highest standards—all of which you can learn more about at this year’s Symposium. 

Did you know? 

Egg farmers are focused on continual innovation, improvement and finding new ways to make egg production even more environmentally sustainable. A recent study showed the environmental impact of Canada’s egg industry decreased by 50% over 50 years—all while production increased by 50%.

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